As the oldest corporate tour operator in South Florida, Dragonfly Expeditions, the parent company of the Club, has provided travelers from all over the world with intimate access to the history, culture, ecology, art and architecture of South Florida and the Caribbean through specialized group expeditions. Our guided interpretive programs, replete with storytelling, adventure and real “sense of place” experience, have made us one of the most sought-after “by-appointment” tour operators in the South Florida market, and a go-to source for hotel concierge wealthy guests visiting the area.

Now for the first time in its 27 year history, Dragonfly Expeditions is offering these specialized tours and experiences to the South Florida community! The Dragonfly Expeditionary Club invites locals, friends and families, to more fully enjoy and learn about the beauty, history, and culture of the place we call home –whether we’re newcomers to the area or we’ve been here for many years.